Smog Check Myths

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Living in Southern California, getting a smog test is inevitable. Having to go through the process once is annoying enough, but if your car fails….having to retest, is no fun. What would you do if your car doesn’t pass the smog check? Imagine if it requires extra maintenance and so, spending more money?

People have a lot of advice on the best way best to pass a smog check in California. But it can be hard to ascertain what is a fantasy and what will actually help your car to pass. Let’s look at a few of these common myths, and see how well they stand up on their own.

Using a fuel cleaners and/or an octane boosters will help me pass.

Some people Believe that because something contains the phrase ‘cleaner’ that they’re increasing their chances of passing a California smog test. Nevertheless, this may not be the case.
A fuel cleaner can help keep your engine clean but where does that “dirt” go? It must escape in some way, and it typically escapes straight out the cylinder head of your car. Basically, it’s being burnt out of your car or truck in, guess what…emissions! The very thing a smog test would pick up.

The exact same could be said of octane boosters. They won’t necessarily cause you to fail, but they do increase the amount of emissions coming out of your exhaust pipe. Best advice here is to cease usage of these products well before your upcoming smog check.

I maintain my vehicle per factory recommendations so my car should pass.

This is a popular myth when it comes to passing a smog test. It’s like getting your sports physical before being cleared to join a team to play a sport. You might feel good about your current physical condition but it does not guarantee that you’ll make the team.

The exact same is often true of automobiles. Just because you feel good about your vehicle upkeep doesn’t mean it will pass the smog check. It may save you money and time of having to service a problem that came to light after having failed the test, but that’s about it.

You have a better chance of passing a smog check if the engine is warm.

Sure, a vehicle typically operates better when it’s been driven around or heated up before testing its performance.

But in reality, warming up your vehicle’s motor in high RMPs won’t do much for you before having your smog test done. Also consider, you may have a wait and during that time, the engine has time to cool off.

These are simply three of the common myths that often get shared when people today request smog check advice. Our advice? Make sure your car is in good working condition, and then bring it in to Express Smog Test Only in Pittsburg. Chances are, if your car has been running fine, it will not have any trouble passing a required California smog check.